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>just stocked the store

25 Feb

>hyena cart has been stocked and everything us up and ready to go. it’s been a while since i’ve stocked HC so i forgot about the fact that each product has an “end time”, and by default it’s set as your beginning time as well. woops! so everything is there and ready to go. check it out!


>lots of things going on

23 Feb


i’ve been spending lots of time cutting, sewing and snapping and have a couple more previews up for wednesday’s stocking. i should post some picture of my sewing room, but it’s not all set up yet – so that’ll have to wait. this is the first time i’ve been able to have a room totally devoted to sewing, and it’s pretty fantastic. not having to worry about cleaning up thread and scraps constantly, and just being able to have everything at my fingertips – it actually makes me WANT to be in that room working. not only that, it allows my daughter to sew along with me, which is great. she made her first bag the other day, with a patchwork front [out of some great heather ross fabric i had] and polka dotted back for my mother. i’ll get pics of that up soon, as well. 

anyway – on to the cover pictures. 

>previews are up

22 Feb


here are some cloth pads that will be stocked on the 25th of feb, through hyena cart while i’m still working on getting my site up and running. anyone know how to write code to sunshop?

>we’re stocking again!

18 Feb

>wednesday, february 25th we will be stocking some covers and pads in our hyena cart store. we’ve also been in a major transition – moving the old site over to a new server and all of that good stuff. so the store for custom orders is pretty much in limbo right now, while i try to figure out how to get it looking like it used to. i’m also updating all the images and links on my hyena cart store, so you may notice a few broken links here and there. it’ll all be coming together soon, though! we’re getting ourselves up and running on twitter and facebook as well. 

start getting excited!
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