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>happy monday!

27 Apr

>hello everyone-
just a quick update this beautiful monday afternoon.

i still have some esbasics in stock – size small:

i’ve been working on a few custom orders here and there. perhaps i’ll post pictures later.

also, just wanted to let everyone know that esbaby will be at a few fairs this summer. the first one will be in may at the skaneateles family craft fair on the 9th. if you live in the upstate NY region, stop by! we’ll definitely be bringing some esbasics and other esbaby products to sell. i’ll post more details as i get them.

other fairs this summer include the ithaca festical green gorges festival, the utica greens festival and the yeah baby expo in syracuse new york. check out our facebook page, where all of these events have been posted to our calendar. hope some of you can make it out!


>bamboo is now available!

24 Apr

>custom bamboo diapers are now available!

still some esbasics left in stock along with a few other things. if you purchase anything from the instock store OTHER than the esbasics [since they are low-cost as it is] and custom items, you can use a coupon code 20off for 20% off your entire order. this pretty much means if you buy any of the instock wrapping covers, lights out diaper or lights out cover, you’ll get 20% off that order.



>small esbasics stocked!

23 Apr


just stocked a bunch of small esbasics in my instock store. i decided to use my own store to avoid the etsy fees. let me know if you run into any problems ordering!

>more esbasics coming!

22 Apr


should be posting them tomorrow or friday. i’ll let everyone know when i do!

>yay, mediums!

15 Apr


just posted some medium side-snapping esbasics in my store.


14 Apr

>available now!

esbasics are a more affordable choice for parents new to cloth, or for parents who have already made the affordable, environmentally conscience decision to cloth diaper their baby [or babies!]. these diapers are constructed of two layers of fluffy 90/10 cotton sherpa in the body, and 3 layers of the same material in the snap in soaker. newborns and smalls will run $8 a piece, while medium, medium/long and larges will run $10 a piece. when i offer them in batches of 6 or 12, they will be discounted further. i’m going to offer them as an in-stock item now, but will add them to the customs roster over the next couple weeks.

>"esbasics" and pictures to a recent order!

14 Apr

>hi everyone! just writing to let you all know that i posted some new pics of an order i’ve been working on.

the first four pictures

also, we’re going to introduce a new line to our esbaby products called “esbasics”. they’re all cotton sherpa diapers that will be less expensive than the esfitted diapers. i will be putting up a preview up today. i’m starting with the newborn size, and i’ll stock other sizes over the course of the week.

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