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>store is stocked!

31 Jul

>hi all-
i just finished stocking my store with a bunch of cloth pads and fitteds. there are also some AIOs [with more to come early next week], covers and wipes. stop by and check it out!


>Out of town

26 Jul

>I am out of town for the week and have very limited internet access. I will check emails throughout the week sporadically. Thanks!

>large wetbags and some order picture

24 Jul

>large wetbags are big. they can hold about three days worth of diapers, maybe more depending on the diaper size. they measure 14″ across the top and 32″ down. i designed these bags for people who, if they’ve just done diaper laundry, want to use their large wetbags for outings. the bag folds up in half from the bottom and snaps into the top of the bag near the zipper essentially turning it into a med/large wetbag. then when you get home, you can unsnap it and keep filling it. or if you’re on vacation, you can start using the bag snapped up while out and when you get to where you’re staying, unsnap it and hang it from a hook. the bag folds up completely to about the size of my hand for storage. here are some pictures of the bag in action. this design isn’t new. i’ve been making large wetbags in this way since 2006. and because these bags are so big, this is why i ask that everyone email me before they place an order with the whatever fabric it is that you want. these take up almost an entire yard of print fabric. now, on to the pictures!

esbaby large wetbag, folded up

large esbaby wetbag handle

large esbaby wetbag snapped up

large esbaby wetbag, unsnapped

large esbaby wetbag, PUL & zipper

here are some pictures from some orders i finished up:

5 14″ super cloth pads, flannel

5 14" super esbaby cloth pads

a set of large front snapping covers

a set of large front snapping eswrapping covers

and some NB QDAI2s

newborn all in twos

>testers have been filled!

16 Jul

>thanks to everyone for your interest! wow. i didn’t think i’d have such a huge response. i have already emailed all of the people who have been chosen as testers. if any of my current testers fall through, i’ll go down the line and pick the next person. please check back often for updates regarding this diaper. i’m really hoping we come up with a great one size pattern that will be able to be used from birth to the toddler years. again, thanks everyone!

>one size diaper – test one, two, three

16 Jul

>so here it is. the first esbaby one-size diaper. modeled from my sized diaper patterns, this is what i’ve come up with. here is an all sherpa, 3 snap setting rise diaper. two soakers. size 1 and size 2, let’s call them. the size 1 can snap into the bottom of the size 2 soaker for extra wetness protection. the pictures didn’t turn out too hot, but you can get the idea. the smallest rise setting is set for where my NB pattern falls, the 2nd setting is my small, the 3rd setting is the medium setting and when the diaper is opened up completely, it has the same rise as my large diapers at 19″. on the very last waist setting, the diaper measures 26″, fully stretched. they feature everything my sized fitteds do: flap-open soakers for super fast drying times, hip snaps, velour topped soakers, serged body and soakers.

i am calling for testers. fee will be $15 [i guarantee you will get at least 3 one size diapers from this]. this will cover all the rounds of testing [materials] and shipping costs. i need 3 babies per size – nb/sm, med and large. for the large babies, i need ones who are in a true large [as in, if your child only fits into large size diapers in any brand, and/or the largest rise setting on other one size diapers]. comment here or email me at christine @ please leave contact info in your comment or just send me an email. i will post again when the slots are filled. they will be filled on a first come, first served basis. thanks!

>some order pictures!

10 Jul

>i’ve been busily working on orders this past week, which is great. i had one order of 28 diapers, all esbasics, where the mom sent in her own fabric for the outers. fat quarters are perfect for nb and small size diapers and covers. here a few pictures of that order.

also, finished up a couple of true all in ones.

now i’m moving down the line and i’m getting caught up. if you placed an order on or after the 28th, you’re next. should be done by the end of this week. we just moved on the 1st and my house is pretty much in a state of disarray. i’m hoping to get it all settled in this weekend, then start working on more orders monday. turn around time isn’t too bad right now. 2 weeks at the most, i think.

once i get these last orders under my belt, i’ll start work on the one size diaper pattern. leave me a comment and let me know what you like in your one size diapers. especially when it comes to how the rise is adjusted.

i’m off to the post office and going to try to get outside and enjoy this sunny day a little! thanks everyone!

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