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>one size quick dry all in ones

22 Oct

oh, OS QDAIOs. you like to give me problems. and a lot of them. right now we’ve been working very hard on getting a QDAIO OS pattern that is totally functional and looks great at the same time. well, we’ve managed to make it totally functional. the only problem we’ve been having is some wing roll, which is very slight, and doesn’t happen on every baby, but still, happens sometimes. i think we’re going to keep the pattern as is for now and work on a side snapping QDAIO OS. no wing roll worries, and honestly, i’ve always loved side snapping diapers better anyway. regardless, i had a local request to make 7 QDAIO OS diapers for a little boy. here are the pictures:

also, we’re offering a doubler option for the small soaker in our one size diaper. it snaps into the small soaker. since the large soaker automatically comes with a doubler [the small soaker], i thought it’d be a good idea to offer the littler guys and girls some extra protection, too. so that’s a small soaker with a 3 layer doubler snapped into the back of it. all small soakers will come with the snaps for the doubler, even if you don’t order a doubler. that way, if you decide to order one in the future, you’ll be able to add it easily. or, if you hand your diapers down and the next person wants to buy a doubler, they’d be able to without a problem.

we’ll be adding some more cover sets to etsy very soon. newborn and medium. also, there are still some small cover sets left. you can double up on those and make it a 6 cover set, like the set that was listed before.

any questions, etc, please email me christine [!@] we’re still open for customs, too!

oh yeah, and i’m about to add some great new prints to my store. so keep an eye out here for updates!



19 Oct

>this has finally been listed!

>esbasic covers, size small just listed

16 Oct

>hi there!

i just listed some esbasic cover sets on etsy. they’re a pretty good deal for those who want to add to their stash, or build their stash up for their new arrival. the set of 6 is for the entire rainbow [red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black – $60]. i also listed 3 “pick your own colors” sets of three covers for $30. with the ‘pick your own colors’ you get to choose from hot pink, baby pink, and baby blue as well.

i will be listing more in other sizes once i get them made up.

these are instock and ready to ship!

>new OS diapers listed on etsy!

13 Oct

>hi everyone!

i just listed some GREAT print one size fitted diapers on etsy. i’m totally in love with the joel dewberry deer prints, so i made sure to buy some in each colorway. if you see a print that you really love and want something else made from it, please email me. i’ll be happy to do it as long as i have enough. i don’t have a lot of these fabrics left, so first come first serve.

these diapers are made from cotton woven prints, so they’ll fit slightly bigger through the legs and i’ve added a little length to the wings as well – make up for the lack of stretch in the print.

also, i’ve had a few custom orders this past week and i’m happy to say that with each custom over we’ve received, we’ve been able to cut and sew it in the SAME DAY and get it shipped the next day. that turnaround time is as fast as instock items, so don’t hold back!

coming up next are some more newborn sets and likely some more one size fitteds. also, i’m currently testing a quick dry all in one, one size – if that turns out well, i’ll be stocking those soon as well. below is a picture of the AIO one size.

thanks for reading!


>doll diapers, cloth pads and diaper covers stocked!

6 Oct

>hi everyone!

i just stocked some doll diapers, cloth diaper covers and cloth pads/cloth pad sets on etsy.

i will be stocking some great one-size print diapers very soon, so keep an eye out. the print OS diapers are slightly wider through the middle of the diaper and have slightly longer wings as well, to make up for the fact that woven print fabrics do not stretch.

custom turn around time right now is pretty quick. a week or less for most orders, so if you’re thinking about placing a custom order, now is a great time to do it. also, if you’ve purchased diapers/etc from me before and are happy with your purchases, please leave me feedback on diaperpin. i’d really appreciate it!

thanks everyone!

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