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>one size true all in ones stocked!

22 Feb

>we just stocked some one-size true all in ones in our etsy shop!

also stocked a couple of wet/dry bags. i’ll be getting more up in the coming days.

what’s the difference between a true all in one and a quick dry all in one?

a true all in one is made exactly like a fitted diaper, but it has a layer of waterproof PUL on the outside, making it as easy to use as a disposable. my true all in ones are made with an outer layer of PUL, a hidden layer of cotton sherpa, which is topped with cotton velour. then comes with the traditional quick-dry soaker. [these are better for naptime, nighttime, outings, etc]

a quick dry all in one is just a shell of PUL and microfleece, plus a thicker quick-dry soaker. these take less time to dry in the dryer, thus the name. [a good daytime diaper]

you can see the difference between these two photos. the quick dry all in one is lined with microfleece and comes with the double soaker. the true all in one is lined with sherpa/velour and comes with the double soaker. [only one size diapers come with two separate soakers].


>now offering wet/dry bags!

14 Feb

>we’re now offering wet/dry bags. i’ll get some stocked in the coming days in different sizes. this is an example of a small wet/dry bag. it offers an outer pocket for keeping clean items in, while the attached wetbag is for dirty items. the series of photos below shows how a 14 inch postpartum pad can still fit into a small wetbag. and as with all of our wetbags, i sew these at the top of the bag, to prevent wicking/leaking through the side seams. no need to worry about your dry, clean items getting wet. they also all come with a matching handle for hanging.

front and back of bag

dry pocket open

14″ postpartum cloth pad [the largest size we offer], on top of bag for size comparison

wetbag opened

>side snapping OS QDAIOS

9 Feb

>these are some great color combos that a customer picked out, so i thought i’d post some pics of them. raspberry PUL with brown micro, aqua PUL with grey inner and dark brown PUL with ivory micro. side snapping OS QDAIOs come each come with two soakers. a small and large, so you’re able to customize your absorbency in the larger sizes. the small soaker is specifically for the diaper when it’s set on the smaller settings. they are 5 layers soakers, for maximum absorbency.

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