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>a hobo/chic/hideously ugly/but still at the same time, incredibly awesome bag

14 Jun

>i’m working on a new bag right now. no patterns, no nothing. just whatever comes out of my head and on to the fabric – keeping some measurements in mind. you will love this bag. why? because it’s a perfect weekender bag. it’s the perfect bag if you have two kids in diapers and are going out for the day. heck, you could probably fit two small children in this bag. great for markets, grocery shopping [especially if you want to take everything in your house at once], babies, and the like.

and besides, this is going to be the coolest looking diaper bag/grocery bag/whatever bag anyone has ever seen. well, maybe not. but it’s definitely original and it’s definitely big. and it will definitely be for sale next week.

oh, and it has a zippered top and tons of pockets and such. just as most of my other bags do.

are you sold yet? probably won’t be making another one of these unless some really great fabric comes along, at a really great price.


>hyena cart stocking today!

2 Jun


today at noon a bunch of one size diaper cover/fitted sets will be going up for sale on hyena cart! these sets cost less than what they would if you were to buy each item separately. there are also a bunch of wet/dry bags in all sorts of special prints that’ll be going on sale as well.

we’ll be opening for customs again soon, but right now we’re still working on a new product. below is a picture of me working on it. we’re pretty excited to get them out!

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