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>first set of esbasic organics stocked!

28 Sep


hello everyone! i just stocked etsy with the first set of small organic esbasic sets. the next two sets will be boy and girl colors and are pretty much finished. i just have to take pictures and get them up. should be within the next day or so. any organic diaper comes with a black size tag, so when they’re purchased, you’ll know it’s an all organic diaper. this will help those of you who re-sell your diapers.

i’ve also stocked a bunch of medium long diapers with awesome prints. they’re mostly all organic, and have been reduced from the regular retail price. the reson i chose to make medium longs is because they’re likely the diaper that will last longest when it comes to sized diapers. when unstretched they fit like a medium, and will fit all the way up to a large [rise-wise]. and as with most of my diapers, the wings are long enough to last through every size.

lastly, i’m currently closed for customs as i’m working on stocking the store with more products. i will, however, take large custom orders [meaning six items or more]. so feel free to contact me through email if you have a special request. be aware, though, that i am working on some larger side orders now, so there will be a time frame for each order, which i can give you should you decide to place one.



>bag posted on etsy

23 Sep


remember when i posted about making a bag that could possibly be the most hideous bag imaginable? well, it’s finally posted on etsy. yes, it’s big. is it ugly? not sure. i think i might love it a little.

in other news, i’m still closed for customs and about to stock some esorganic sets. if you’re interested in placing large orders, i will likely take those, but at this time i’m focusing on getting the store all stocked up.

>closed for customs & stocking #1 {the common touch}

18 Sep

>hi all!

i’m working on finishing up a couple of customs orders, then taking a “break” to work on stocking my etsy store. i’d really like it fill it up with a wide range of products, sizes, fabrics, etc. maybe some specialty items like fall clothing/diaper sets, bags and things of that nature. each stocking will be announced on twitter and facebook. but for those of you who are subscribed to my newsletter, not only will you be the first to know when i stock, there will also ALWAYS be a discount code of some sort with each newsletter. so please be sure to be sign up at the bottom of my shop page.

each stocking will be numbered and named. mostly because i like naming things. i will be updating this blog regularly. at least once a week, if not more. i’m even putting it on my ical right now, so i don’t forget. i’d like to get a great range of products out there, so you guys can try things you haven’t tried before without the wait for customs.

i stocked a few things yesterday, though the newsletter for this stocking will come out monday, when people are back to work and back to their computers. these items have been stocked and are in the etsy store.

i’ll also be offering large custom orders in these stockings. typically for sets of diapers of 10 or more. that way people who really want to stock up, can “buy” a slot and be assured they’ll get exactly what they want of the amount of diapers, etc, that they want.

if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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