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esbaby moving to a new storefront – and etsy store is stocked!!

25 Aug

some of you may already know just by visiting that it’s a barren wasteland of advertisements for godaddy and has nothing to do with cloth diapers. this is because i am currently in the process of migrating my shopping cart to a new, easier [I HOPE] to navigate site. i hope this makes ordering less confusing for everyone, while allowing you to custom pick any style of diaper you want. as soon as the site goes live, i’ll be sending out a newsletter. btw, anyone who knows anything about site migration, or website back-end stuff in general, please let me know. if you’re able to help me, i would be more than happy to do a trade with you! it’s been pretty much a nightmare for the last few weeks.

the good news is i’ve just stocked the store with a lot of fun things! go check them out!



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