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first round of new swatches/fabric options

26 Feb

first round of new swatches/fabric options

hi all- here is the first of a few rounds of new fabrics that are coming in. 1- all american dot / 2- all american star/ 3- seaside stripe/ 4-jungle home on white/ 5- cars and trikes::: you are welcome to order these now, however they aren’t listed on my site yet. they will be later on today when i have the time to get them up there. if you want to order any of these, please just put the name of the fabric as i’ve listed it above [you don’t need to include the number]. some more fabrics WILL be arriving very soon. maybe today/tomorrow/the next day. order at – for those of you waiting for orders, they are coming along. i mailed a couple out this morning. the rest should be done very soon [as in today/tonight]. custom waiting time is 1-2 weeks depending on the size orders i receive. thanks!


gift certificates now available

17 Feb

hello all-

i am now offering gift certificates on my site and they can be found here. it’s a great way for someone to help you build your cloth diaper stash by letting you pick out all the options. i will be adding new swatches to the products within the next couple of weeks and will update when that happens. i am still open for custom orders, so please feel free to place an order. turn-around time is between 2-3 weeks now.

there are still some great instock items in my etsy store as well!



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