finally. open for custom orders! [and some great news!]

25 Oct

hi all!

esbaby is finally open for custom orders. after a long summer off spending time with my children, planting gardens and tending to chickens along with restructuring my business, i am OPEN for custom orders. swatches can be found on each page in the form of a link that will bring you to a complete listing of the fabric options available, or on some pages, the swatches are listed right there, for you to choose from. to make sure that you get a complete and total listing of ALL of the prints that i have listed, PLEASE visit the fabric LINKS. we some great new knit fabrics for you to choose from. do want to mix and match prints? do it! i am happy to mix and match prints for you. it’s something i used to do all the time when i opened my business almost a decade ago.

we are also offering ORGANIC COTTON SHERPA in the organic fitted diaper section of the customs site. it is extremely absorbent [my favorite when i was cloth diapering my son.] organic sherpa makes for wonderful diapers and for super-absorbent wipes as well.

good news! i have now hired a full-time employee to work along side me. what does this mean for you? it means offering more custom orders, stocking our etsy store more frequently and orders being shipped out MUCH more quickly. so please welcome my good friend Josh Cornish to essential saltes baby! he’s worked with me over the past few years, here and there, but never as a full-time employee. with him working with me, we are ready to take on new projects, change a few things regarding the product line and provide faster orders and better-than-ever customer service! i am very happy and excited about this addition. this will free me up to do as much sewing as i possibly can, while he helps me with the hundreds of other things that go into a small business. 

to celebrate this addition to the esbaby family, enter 15OFF at the checkout in my etsy store for 15% off your order. the cassette tape diaper is a size two quick dry all in two which comes with THREE soakers and ALL soakers are interchangeable with ANY size 2 all in two diaper i offer. this is a ONE OF A KIND diaper. it will and cannot ever be made again, as the outer print is made from a t-shirt of my husband’s [thanks, steven!]. it is an All in Two which means it is waterproof and offers a soft yellow microfleece inner. the rest of the etsy store is also 15% off with the coupon code. 

if you have any questions, special requests, etc, please email me directly. you can reply directly to this email and it will reach me. if you wish to unsubscribe from this list, there is a link below to do so.  

thanks everyone for reading and being great esbaby customers!


[photo seen above is a set of two wet/dry bags with a mariner stripe outer and a plank inner]


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