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looking for some nautical themed diapers?

14 Nov

well, we just stocked a bunch of size 1 gender neutral print diapers that turned out pretty fabulously. go get them while they’re still there!



etsy is stocked and enter a chance to win an esbaby gift certificate!

9 Nov




we just stocked the etsy store with some GREAT Lights Out diapers. if you aren’t familiar with lights out diapers – they are fitted diapers for nighttime use. sometimes they have a print on the outside and sometimes you’ll find them with a hemp outer only. the ones that were just stocked have some really great prints on them. the inside of the diaper is constructed of two complete body layers of hemp fleece. the soaker, which is sewn down the middle so the soaker gets super-clean in the wash and dries very quickly in the dryer. t’s constructed of FIVE full layers of hemp fleece. that makes for a total of SEVEN layers of hemp fleece in the wet-zone. 

there are some size 1 bamboo fleece/bamboo velour fitted diapers listed as well with knit outers along with some really great ALL IN TWOs in retired and hard to find prints. if you order an All in Two and would like additional soakers, leave me a note in the comments on the order or send me a convo on etsy. additional soakers can be snapped in and out of diapers when they are wet. instead of changing the entire diaper when wet, all you have to do is snap the wet soaker and snap a new clean one in.  

stay tuned for some great sets that will be stocked over the next week. 


i am sure that many of you have visited my customs site at or placed custom orders with me. i have met many people who are shocked that they can actually BUILD their own diaper. one is able to choose everything that goes into your cloth diaper, cloth menstrual pad, wet bag, etc. i have well over 30 prints to choose from, 4 absorbent fabrics and so many other options, that you are able to choose exactly what you would like to go into your product. 

if you have never ordered a custom diaper from me, or even if you have in the past, here is your chance to win a gift certificate for a free diaper of your choice. 
how? tell your cloth-diapering friends about us, or purchase something for even more chances to win.

this is how it works:
1- for every “like” we receive on our Facebook page from someone that you send to the page, you will receive one entry.
2- for every person you are able to get to sign up for our newsletter with a valid email address, you will receive one entry. 
3- if you make a purchase between November 8 – November 15, you will receive 5 entries. 
4- if you do all of these things, you will end up with a total of 7 entries towards the purchase of a custom diaper of your choice. 

for each of these entry submissions you must reply to this newsletter so we can verify that each submission is legit: with the name of the person [for Facebook], email [for the newsletter], or your order number through etsy or through i will keep track of all of the submissions and number each person accordingly [if you have one entry or 8, you will be assigned a number for each entry] and randomly draw one person November 16 through a ‘random number generator’ and contact the winner to let them know they have won the prize. i will also post to Facebook and on our blog who the lucky winner is. if i don’t hear back from the winner within three days, i will draw again until the winner is chosen.

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