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final days to help a girl out!

21 May

a couple of months ago i signed up for the Volusion Shopping Cart Software. i’ve been using the same shopping cart software since i started making cloth diapers in 2005. not long after i signed up and bought the software for the new Volusion site, Volusion started a contest for “Mompreneurs” – women who have started their own businesses. i haven’t totally switched over to the new Volusion shopping cart yet because I have been busily working on orders and entering my product catalog into the backend of the store, getting it ready to launch. however, i’m a design junkie. it’s super important to me [and always has been] to run a site/shopping cart that is not only visually appealing but easy to use. last year, when we [meaning my friend and i] redesigned our logo, i knew we could build an amazing site around it. not a site that just looks great, but a site that is easy to navigate, has all the information YOU need to make a purchase without any questions [and hey, if you have questions, you know you can email me pretty much any time or all hours of the night and i’ll be responding to you within a few hours, if not seconds of your inquiry.] 

when i purchased the Volusion software, i knew that i could create a site that would offer my customers everything they needed for a great custom handmade cloth diapering experience. i entered the contest because i simply do not have the time [or money] to change all of the design elements into what i’d like to see representing my business. if i’m lucky enough to win first place, i will be able to continue to concentrate on what matters most: making cloth diapers and cloth diapering products for YOU, the customers i love, who keep me in business and allow me to work from home – while someone else designs my site to my specifications. we’ve been in the top running for the past couple of weeks and this is the homestretch.

the contest ends at the end of the month [may 31]. you can vote every 24 hours, and if you can remember to vote for me that often, i cannot express how grateful i will be. if i end up winning, expect an awesome newsletter and a celebration party with some cool incentives and coupons. i plan on offering up things that i haven’t offered in years. it will be a lot of fun. 

how do i vote?

just click this entire blog entry and it will bring you directly to my voting page through the Volusion App [just make sure you are on the esbaby page, and if you can’t find it, click the “view entries” tab at the top and i should be listed in the top 4]. the link is based through Facebook and does ask you to install an App to vote. i know it seems like a pain, but once the contest is over, you can remove the App. so PLEASE tell your friends and pass on the link. as a work-at-home mom, my family and i appreciate it beyond words. 

thanks again, friends! 


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